Membership Renewal

GVC Membership Renewal

  • Code of Ethics

  • CODE OF ETHICS This Code of Ethics is presented as a guide for owners, breeder, and potential breeders of Vizslas, whose aim is the welfare and improvement of the Vizsla. It is designed to protect and advance the interest of Vizslas SPORTSMANSHIP GVC members shall always conduct themselves in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves, their Vizslas and the sport of purebred dogs, regardless of the location or circumstance. Protect and advance the development of the Vizsla through continued improvement of soundness, stable temperament, natural hunting ability and confirmation as set forth in the official Vizsla standard. HEALTH GVC members shall maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and veterinary care in the atmosphere conducive to the stable development of their dogs. BREEDING GVC members shall breed only with the intention of improving the breed by breeding only those Vizslas who conform to standards as recognized by the American Kennel Club, exhibit soundness, stable temperament, and natural hunting ability. Breed only those dogs who are free of serious hereditary defects including: epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, Von Willebrand's disease, entropian and cranial muscular atrophy; and who are over two years of age and have been x-rayed and OFA certified as free from hip dysplasia. SALES GVC members shall not breed, sell or cosign puppies or adults to pet shops or other commercial ventures, such as lotteries or raffles. Honestly evaluate the quality of the Vizsla sold and fairly represent that evaluation and urge puppy purchasers to spay or neuter all pets which for any reason will not be used for breeding. Do not release puppies under seven weeks of age: furnish details on feeding, care, inoculations, pedigrees and written sales agreements. Screen all prospective buyers to assure that puppies have safe and loving homes, supply assistance and support to puppy buyers for the life of the dog. Encourage owners to become involved in Vizsla activities, The Gateway Vizsla Club, The Vizsla Club of American or other regional clubs.