Gateway Vizsla Club is Proud to Support Rally Competition

Are you interested in competing in Rally?


What is Rally?

Rally is one of 4 companion programs offered by the AKC to encourage dog owners to train and compete their companions. Rally is the least intensive companion program to get involved in. Most Vizslas can be ready to compete in Rally after a basic course in obedience.

Are There Different Difficulty Levels?

YES! Rally Novice is the most basic, performed totally on-lead with lots of encouragement and interaction with your Vizsla. Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent are the other two levels.

How Does Rally Work?

You and your dog enter the competion ring and proceed to a “start” station. There are 10-15 numbered stations that you go to in numerical order. Each station has a different command – for example – halt, sit, down, left turn, right turn, about turn, 360 degree turn.


How are Points Awarded?

Each canine/human team enter the ring with 100 points, points are deducted for minor faults during your run. A score of 70 is a qualifying score. After 3 qualifying runs your dog earns an AKC title and can move on to the next level. Each level progressivly harder, culminating with Rally Excellent with 20 stations.

Does This Sound Like Something You’d Be Interested In?

Many members of the Gateway Vizsla Club are involved in Rally shows. We’d be happy to help get you get involved! For a more in-depth guide to Rally you can also read about it HERE on the AKC website.

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Kristi Shaw