Gateway Vizsla Club is Proud to Support it’s Members who Compete in Agility

Are you interested in Agility?


What is Agility?

Agility is a canine sport that Vizslas excel due to their natural speed, jumping ability and their desire to please their owners. Because there is no natural instict for dogs to jump, weave through poles or traverse unfamiliar objects agility is considered a “man-made” sport. The AKC held their first Agility trial in 1954 and has since become hugely popular.

Are There Different Difficulty Levels?

Like Rally and Obedience the AKC had developed different levels for the Agility trials – Novice, Open and Excellent. Each level ramping up difficulty. For more information please see the AKC’s Guide to Agility HERE.


Does This Sound Like Something You’d Be Interested In?

Many members of the Gateway Vizsla Club are involved in Agility Trials. We’d be happy to help get you get involved!

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Agility Chair

Kristi Shaw